Flight to San Francisco is officially booked!

I am so excited I get to visit my cousin in San Francisco this March! I have never been to California (I know!) I’m really looking forward to spending time with my beautiful cousin as well as the beautiful city. I’ve heard so many great things! Let the countdown begin!


..Any suggestions of things I can’t leave without seeing? Comment please!

(photo courtesy of: weheartit.com)


2 thoughts on “Flight to San Francisco is officially booked!

  1. Hi Alice, great that you will finally come out to California and see San Francisco. Here are my recommendations besides the usual, “Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s wharf, Union Square”. Food culture is very big in SF and so I recommend a few things for that: Visit an Off the Grid event (there are a few of them but go to the one on Friday’s at the Fort Mason Center) The Fort Mason one is the best and biggest (30+ food trucks). That one is currently closed but they start up again sometime in March (not sure when in March you will be visiting). You can check their website (offthegridsf.com) for more info or ask your cousin who probably knows about it. Also, visit the Ferry Building on Saturday mornings/early afternoons. That is when they have the farmers market. There you can eat some local fare and get an idea of the wonderful local produce and food producers. You can also follow 7×7 Magazine’s Big Eat list. They publish a list every year of the best dishes to try in SF (www.7×7.com/eat-drink/big-eat-2012-list). SF is particularly good at ice cream. The top 3 ice cream shops in SF are: Bi Rite Creamery, Humphrey Slocombe, and Mr & Mrs Miscellaneous. SF also has very good coffee and the most popular ones are: Four Barrel, Sightglass, Philz, Blue Bottle, and Ritual. Anyway, I hope that isn’t too much for you to start. I hope you will enjoy your time in SF, and please visit my blog if you can. It is about the local culture of SF and locally made products. You might also find recommendations about SF there.

    • Wow Nellie, thanks so much! I’m so happy you commented! I was hoping a local would give me some suggestions that weren’t so “touristy”. My cousin just recently moved there and we are both foodies, so all your tips are perfect! I can tell you have a passion for everything San Francisco, I will definitely check out your blog!An Off the Grid event sounds like an awesome way to spend an afternoon, I hope they’ll start up the first week of March (that’s when I’m planning on visiting) ..I also wrote down the ice cream places you mentioned (I happen to believe ice cream is its own food group..)

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