Perfect Day For A Picnic


When the sun shines in Michigan, it is truly beautiful ..And speaking as a true Michigander- I do not take the nice weather for granted. Last week there was snow on the ground, but today my friends and I had a picnic under a perfect blue sky. We exchanged great food and even better stories. I always cherish the time I get to spend catching up with these lovely ladies!


Quick Question!

Hello Bloggers! I recently started using the Vine app and I’d love to share some of my clips here with you all. I’ve tried to use the embedded code that the application provides, but for some reason my videos never show up. Do any of you use vine? Have you successfully embedded your videos to a WordPress blog? I’ve looked up a couple tutorials as well, but still no luck! Any/all help appreciated! Thank you in advance people of the internet ^_^

Some Thoughts On Dinner-

Do you ever notice how much better dinners are when they aren’t planned to a T? A few nights ago, I was spending time with my family. After a long day, we decided to go through the Wendy’s drive through and grab dinner. When we got home we just dumped the bags on the table and started eating. There was nothing formal about it! No expected conversation, no trying to make a good impression, no planning a menu for days ..Just enjoying the company of the people I love without having to act a certain way. It was so refreshing and it actually surprised me because I’ve been so used to the stress that normally accompanies a nice dinner or party, I had forgotten what dinner is really supposed to be about: Catching up, sharing stories, and genuinely enjoying the company of the people you are with. Make sure to take a minute to appreciate the next beautiful dinner you have. 

Flight to San Francisco is officially booked!

I am so excited I get to visit my cousin in San Francisco this March! I have never been to California (I know!) I’m really looking forward to spending time with my beautiful cousin as well as the beautiful city. I’ve heard so many great things! Let the countdown begin!


..Any suggestions of things I can’t leave without seeing? Comment please!

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