Super Bowl Sunday


If you’re anything like me and love watching the super bowl for the commercials, then you’ll love this: Youtube has an entire channel, called AdBlitz, (sponsored by Adweek) dedicated to this year’s commercials. Watch, re-watch if you missed, share, like, and vote for your favorite super bowl ads! Enjoy!


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The Onesie

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Let me start off by saying that I absolutely adore my Hello Kitty onesie  ..But, I’d just like to list a couple of things that I think should be standard on every onesie sold (and I think all the other onesie-wearers out there will agree):

  1. The Butt Flap (and maybe a convenient front opening as well)- Button close or zipper, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s there. There’s nothing worse than having to get totally naked on a really cold night just to use the bathroom. 
  2. Removable Feet- Sometimes my feet are cold, but then other times my feet are ridiculously hot. I’d like to have the option to remove the feet on a onesie if I felt like it. I think the easiest way to achieve this would be to have the fleece feet attached by zipper, or elastic, or maybe just turn them into a separate sock-slipper sort of thing??!
  3. A Hood- Well, just because, why not? It’s nice to be wrapped up from head to toe, and let’s be honest, a hood would just make the transition from pajama to real-life cocoon that much easier.

Other than that, the onesie is as close to perfection as PJ’s get. I mean if they were acceptable to wear in public, I probably would.

Something happens past 1 am…

Something happens past 1 am.. It’s not that I can’t sleep, but that I don’t want to. My days seem lazy, but my nights are amazing. I get creative, I get excited, I spend time writing and reading, I decide I’m an investigative journalist scouring the web, or a fashion designer working on a new line. Sometimes I’m rich and shopping for a home, or planning my next trip to Rome. Whatever I do, and whoever I turn into, it always happens when I see the moon.