The Window Seat.

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed earlier and saw this amazing picture:

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Take off just after sunrise… ☺️💛⛅️

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There is truly nothing better than a window seat when flying and I think that this photo captures the beauty of the experience perfectly.


The West Coast is the Best Coast.

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Hello fellow bloggers! I just wanted to check in and let you all know that I’m back from my whirlwind trip to San Francisco. Although I only spent a week in the city, it made a lasting impression. This was … Continue reading

Shoot A Photo That Tells A Story.

For my most recent CAS (Intro to Creative Process) assignment, our professor asked us to “shoot a photo that tells a story.” At first this seemed like a really arduous task. I started looking through my photo albums for inspiration and I began to notice that there were certain photos of mine that were just kind-of odd. By odd I mean, they weren’t of my friends or family, or even a pretty view, they were just weird. I started wondering to myself why I took these photos in the first place. Then I realized it was because I was trying to understand their story. These are some faces and places that created a curious scene which I just happened to capture.

“Happy Family”

I stumbled upon this billboard that had been covered in graffiti. I took a photo because I found it odd that the store was trying to portray this classic happy family, but someone had just spray painted over it. Quite the juxtaposition. (PS- This is the photo I decided to submit for my class assignment.)


I took the photo above while I was on vacation in Toronto, Canada. I spent the day exploring China Town. I thought this was odd because this woman is so saturated in the kitschiness of her culture, she is practically drown out. You almost don’t even notice her, she could disappear.


I also took this photo while in Toronto. I enjoyed this because 2 of the girls are trying to plan their day using a map while the other girl is relying on her smartphone. The girl to the far right is staring idly, almost unsure of who to listen to for directions. I thought this was funny because 10 years ago, everyone would have used a map. It’s scary how quickly technology changes things.


I was about to use this photo for my assignment. I took it of my cat when I visited home a couple months ago. I love this because my cat’s eyes seem kind of concerned meanwhile the porcelain cat is totally at peace. It’s almost like my cat had just realized the new friend she made wasn’t exactly real.


I took this photo at the Broad Art Museum. I thought it was interesting because there was a painting of a fireplace on the wall and this family was staring at it so intently and for so long. It made it seem like they longed to all sit in front of a fireplace, but they were unsure how.


I took this while thrifting this weekend. It stood out to me because I’m so used to seeing extravagant displays when it comes to dresses in stores. This was refreshing and kind of harsh as well. It really just showed the difference in priorities and what some people find important as opposed to others.

What do you think of these photos? Have you captured any unique moments? Do you have tips on how to tell a story through a photo? Comment below and let me know!