8 Things To Keep In Mind When You Travel

Solid list!

Thought Catalog

Whether you are a first-time traveler or someone who has more miles than they can count, the art of traveling requires certain acts of mindfulness. No matter if you are a solo traveler, a packaged-tour-lover or a weekend adventurer to a far off place, it is important to keep some basic things in mind when you jet off to another country.

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1. Not everything goes as planned. Regardless of how much research you do pre-trip, how much planning you sculpt, things go wrong. Flights are delayed. Train schedules are wrong. You get on the wrong bus and end up in the middle of nowhere. A tour is canceled for the day. Don’t let those things ruin your experience. Embrace the roadblock and turn it into a positive. So what if the train you planned on taking from Croatia to Italy doesn’t exist? There are other options, like a…

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