6 Songs You Should Be Listening To Right Now

I love this!

Thought Catalog

The best music isn’t the throwaway stuff that’s playing on the radio all the time or that happens to be on when you pop in to Duane Reade to pick up some anti-fungal foot powder and/or weave glue. Music is personal. Music is escape. It provides the soundtrack to our lives and to our most important moments. When we listen to our favorite songs we are actually trying to relive and recreate those moments over and over again. That’s why everybody has their own favorite kind of music or favorite kinds of sounds. Because it means something to you. And that’s why the best music, music that really speaks to us individually, is the stuff that creates a fictional world around the artist. Not stuff that’s just meant to sell sell sell, but those gems that create a special musical and artistic universe.

Here are six addictive songs that really…

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