8 Things That Wake You Up In The Middle Of The Night And Whether Or Not You Should Get Out Of Bed For Them

Thought Catalog

1. You have to pee.

You probably should get up and do this. Yes the seat will be cold, the bathroom light will be bright, and you may require some time to fall back asleep, but those consequences are less painful than a pee-holding induced stomachache or a UTI (so I’ve heard). It’s also less smelly/humiliating than a urine soaked mattress and overall, the feeling of a relieved bladder balances out any of the cons.

2. Thirst.

How thirsty are you really? Keep in mind that if you’re going to drink a ton of water, it might lead to you having to get up again to pee. Sometimes we wake up with the feeling of a waterless hiker who’s been lost in the desert wilderness for two days, and we simply have no choice but to get up and guzzle down multiple glasses with cartoonish gulps. If it’s more…

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