32 Of Life’s Most Underrated Activities


Thought Catalog

32 Of Life’s Most Underrated Activities

1. Going to the movies solo. Seriously – you can eat all of the snacks and it’s just you, the film and your own thoughts.

2. Receiving and opening packages in the mail.

3. A long, hot shower. Getting the water to a point of steaming, hotness and standing/squatting/sitting in it until you’re relaxed or doze off is awesome. Everybody should indulge in closing their eyes and being pelted by drops of hot water.

4. Staring at the sky. It’s so massive and far away — to just lie on your back and admire its beauty is something we don’t do often enough. If there are clouds to watch float by – even better.

5. Eating foods that you get to dip. I think this derives from the magical tastiness that was Dunkaroos, but now it extends to various things from chips and queso, to chicken nuggets and dipping sauces.

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