Pushing Your Comfort Zone To Break Behavior Patterns

The assignment:

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Questions to answer for each situation: 

  1. What was the event?
  2. What did you do?
  3. How did this break what you normally would have done?
  4. What were the results of your behavior?


  1. Spring Break trip to San Francisco to visit my cousin
  2. I toured Alcatraz solo because my cousin was working
  3. I would never think to do an entire tour alone. I was really nervous the whole time for some reason, I figured everyone knew I was by myself, but I don’t know why that bothered me so much. I go to art museums alone, I eat alone, but for some reason spending the day touring alone made me really uncomfortable.
  4. The results were- I realized there were so many people on the tour that no one knew, noticed, or cared if I was alone. I was the only person putting so much pressure on having someone there. Once I realized that, I actually felt empowered being there alone and started approaching other people on the tour! I left Alcatraz with a couple new friends that I ended up meeting up with during the rest of my stay. It was a great day!


New Friends in New Places

  1. This event also happened while I was in San Francisco
  2. Like I said, my cousin was working during the time I visited so I would usually venture out on my own until she was off of work. I went to a party once where I met this guy who happened to be from the Bay area. He added me on Facebook and that was that. I noticed that he updated his status saying he was going back home to visit. I decided to send him a message and see what his plans were! We ended up meeting during the week and he was my personal tour guide! We had a great time and now I have an actual new friend instead of another internet one..
  3. I would have never approached him online. I was surprised he didn’t think it was strange. But I figured, I was there visiting and he’s from there, why not take advantage and learn more about him and the city? So happy I did!
  4. I made a new friend who is from San Francisco but goes to the same school as me, we’ve hung out a couple times since and I am really happy I decided to reach out.


(Dave and I having fun at the de Young Museum)

Knowing When It’s Time To Go Home 

  1. Another San Francisco story… 
  2. My cousin, her friend, and I went out dancing over the weekend. We were out until around 2 am and we all started talking to a group of guys. I could tell my cousin and her friend were really interested in the people they were talking to, and well me, not so much.. I enjoyed his company, but I was ready to go home. Anyways, they invited us all back to one of their apartments and I decided to go back to my cousin’s place alone instead.
  3. I normally would have sucked it up and gone with what the group wanted to do, but I could tell that if I went back I would be giving this guy the wrong idea. I also didn’t want to sit there scowling while my cousin and her friend had a good time. But- I didn’t know San Francisco and I was hesitant about taking a cab home alone.
  4. The results? The cab driver was such a genuine guy, he gave me his card in case I needed a ride at any point during my stay, we had a heart-to-hear on the drive back, and I made it home safely. My cousin and her friend had a great time, they stumbled in at around 5 am and I got to hear all their stories.


(Me, My cousin, and her friend)

Condoms here, Condoms there, Condoms everywhere! 

  1. A group presentation in one of my large classes
  2. Our project was on consumer behavior when purchasing condoms. I’m sure it didn’t make a lot of our classmates uncomfortable, but I was nervous for what the professor’s reaction would be. The topic shouldn’t be taboo, but sometimes talking about sex can get a a little awkward.
  3. Normally, I would have suggested a less risqué topic, but this one interested me and I decided to stick with it.
  4. The results- The class was super engaged throughout the presentation and our professor was impressed with how professional we were. I was really proud of our group (and myself) for not shying away from the topic.

Screen shot 2013-04-07 at 2.39.08 PM


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