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Cesar-KuriyamaAs he approached his 30th birthday, artist Cesar Kuriyama noticed that time seemed to be evaporating. And thus, he began work on a project called 1 Second Everyday.

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“Basically, I’m recording one second of every day of my life for the rest of my life—chronologically compiling these one-second, tiny slices of my life into one single continuous video,” says Kuriyama in today’s talk. Why? “I hate not remembering things that I’ve done in the past,” he says.

When Kuriyama turns 40, he’ll have a one-hour video encapsulating his 30s. And when he turns 80, he’ll have a five-hour video spanning 50 years. In this talk, he reveals what he recorded in the first 365 days of the project — both the glorious and the painful.

Naturally, Kuriyama was curious what others would do with this tool. And so he took to Kickstarter, where more than 11,000…

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