iLike life without an iPhone, am iOK?

My month without an iPhone has been strangely liberating. I recently had it stolen from me—and as trivial and “white” as it sounds—I was actually devastated. That’s the most upsetting part. How mad I was (still kind of am) about this phone! Although I only had the phone for a couple months, I actually forgot what life was like without it. The constant compulsion to check the notifications that would fill my home screen gave me some sort of weird satisfaction ..Likes on Instagram, new Snapchats, a friend (who isn’t an actual friend) inviting me to an event on Facebook… Why are these things so important? The answer?  They’re not. Going back to my old flip-phone is actually refreshing. It’s forced me to make more phone calls, enjoy a meal without instagramming it, and spend time with my real friends instead of obsessing over online ones. I can’t lie, of course I miss the convenience of everything the iPhone had, but since when has life been convenient?

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